Hi. I’m Dave.

As a film composer, I write organic, character-driven scores informed by a vast knowledge of independent music, an interest in unconventional recording techniques & by intense training at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Favorite genres: documentary, science fiction, and experimental animation.

As a producer, I develop analog handcrafted animation projects that enable writers whose work I love to come into being. As a side perk, sometimes I get to score those projects myself. In my spare time, I teach experimental animation, stop-motion and DIY animation production, using “analog art, digital assembly” as a guiding principle.

My music has appeared on Headphonica (Germany), Richmond County Archives (USA), blocsonic (USA), Soundz From Nowhere (Luxembourg), Rush Process (USA), on NPR, and in many independent films, documentaries, and various contemporary lit and political podcasts (e.g. Kevin Allison’s RISK!, Snap Judgement, This Land Radio, OK! So What Now?).

In a past life I ran Reverse Engine, the sleepy, nomadic netlabel responsible for compilations like Artsongs and Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute To The Swirlies.

I’m in the midst of updating this site with my complete credits. To keep up with what I’m working on, sign up for my mailing list: