I’m an animator and designer
with a deep love
of short-form visual

In the past few years, I’ve:

  • been a two-time finalist for Toronto International Film Festival’s TIFF x Instagram Shorts Festival (and short-listed by Indiewire)
  • directed an award-winning animated music video for A Place To Bury Strangers
  • designed a footnote website for Penny Lane’s acclaimed animated documentary, NUTS! (as seen in Filmmaker Magazine)
  • …and helped launch the only full-scale animation festival in the state of Texas

Short on time? Here’s my animation reel.

I’ve taught animation workshops in hospitals and underserved communities around Houston since 2013 — usually through film arts nonprofit Aurora Picture Show. Most recently, we worked with pediatric cancer patients and their families to create “Postcards from Space“, a stop-motion science-fiction film.

While I’m mainly focused on animation and design these days, I do have extensive experience in film scoring. If you’re here because you’d like to use cues from my past scores for your current project, you can do so via my pre-cleared licensing library, Spellbook.