Hi. I’m Dave.

As a film composer, I write organic, character-driven scores informed by a vast knowledge of independent music, an interest in unconventional recording techniques & by intense training at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Favorite genres: science fiction, documentary and experimental animation (though I’ve been told several times that, due to my Echo Park aesthetic, it’ll probably be some quirky indie rom-com that makes my career).

As a producer, I’m most interested in developing analog (hand-drawn & painted) indie animation projects that enable writers and directors whose work I love to come into being. As a side perk, sometimes I get to score those projects myself. In my spare time, I draw and paint, and I teach experimental animation and DIY animation production, using “analog art, digital assembly” as a guiding principle.

As a recording artist, my music has appeared on Headphonica (Germany), Richmond County Archives (USA), blocsonic (USA), Soundz From Nowhere (Luxembourg), and Rush Process (USA).

I also founded Reverse Engine, the sleepy, nomadic netlabel responsible for compilations like Artsongs and Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute To The Swirlies.

I’m in the midst of updating this site with my complete credits. In the meantime, here’s my CV.

*Photo credit: K. Carter.