Development Executives Take Note

In light of the current decade’s hyperfascination with sequels, reboots, and continued preference for wringing out the dirty old rags of cinematic culture over risking the abject horror of exploring new creative territory, I’ve come up with a list of faded properties and the directors whose sensibilities could coax me out of my apartment and into a theater, wallet in hand, to see them further sequelized or rebooted.

This list is a work in progress, in the format: [Sequel] (Director). Feel free to suggest additions in the comments. More notes coming soon…

The Matrix (Ana Lily Amirpour)

Mission: Impossible: Terence Nance.
NOTES: American Cinema’s new master of formal experimentation (and everybody’s favorite Talkhouse Film contributor) could easily revive a franchise that has become structurally conventional on a story level and rarely engaging beyond the quality of its visual pyrotechnics. Animated sequences? First-person narration? “Let’s say that you have received a message, one that you have been told will self-destruct…” Pre-ordering tickets now.

The X-Men (Josephine Decker)

Fast/Furious (Werner Herzog)

Inspector Gadget: David Cronenberg.
NOTES: I’d love to see Cronenberg reinvent the 1980s Saturday Morning Cartoon with the most unexplored potential for body horror. And maybe he could call it “Penny“, since she was obviously running that whole show.

Paul Blart, Mall Cop: Kelly Gallagher.

And I’ll admit that despite extreme Stars War fatigue, I will see any sequel directed by Rian Johnson, because he’s just that good.