Pop Soda: Eat Your Fat 12″

eat-your-fat-12inMy “Stax On The Moon” remix of “Blame” (my favorite track from Pop/Soda’s debut EP), appeared as a b-side on the butter yellow 12″ single for “Eat Your Fat”, a jock jam the P/S boys penned to motivate the spandex-clad participants in Machine Project’s hilariously weird workshops, Aerobic Butter and Anaerobic Bread.

Pop/Soda – “Blame (Dave MH’s Stax On The Moon Remix)”



Machine Project / October 28, 2012
Aerobic Butter and Anaerobic Bread workshops

Artist Michael O’Malley taught amateur breadmakers the art of baking on the grill outside the Machine Project gallery. Inside, Pop Soda’s Jimmy Fusil conducted an aerobics class/buttermaking workshop, shaking jars of fresh cream until it magically transformed into butter! Pop Soda’s Mike Wait churned fitness tunes and jock jams, including the single “Eat Your Fat,” recorded expressly for the event. Participants learned about the chemistry of butter and the physics of bread, and maybe even got a good workout, only to finish by enjoying fresh butter on warm bread. While Aerobic Butter’s goal was to spread the physical delight of artisan practices, Anaerobic Bread aimed to recreate the social/communal center of the village: the community oven.

Camera: Emily Lacy, Patrick Rees
Editor: Patrick Rees