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Extra Super Secret Springtime Spellbook Deals




Hey buds. The private beta is up now, and we’re getting close to the public launch of my pre-cleared licensing site, Spellbook. As it stands, the library is almost 3 hours long, ~100 tracks. Culled from hundreds of cues I’ve written for features, docs, short films, installations, and games, 2009 – 2018, plus a couple home recording projects that were made purely out of love / fun / musical friendship / spontaneity. Jangly and/or skronky guitars, creepy thrift-store organs, acoustic fingerpicking, vibraphone, electric piano, analog synths, overdriven drum machines, drones, viola, trumpet, pedal steel, xylophone, space echo, electric bass, spoons, and whatever else I could find. I’m trying to make a library that an independent filmmaker could use to piece together a truly cohesive score, on a budget. This is, to my mind, the biggest its biggest benefit — sonic consistency. All of these tracks were performed by the same revolving cast of musicians (mostly me, sometimes with a fake mustache), recorded with the same studio setup, and I wrote or cowrote and produced them all. So you can mix and match, and it works.

See below for all included releases. This cart links to mp3 downloads — when you need hi-res versions, email me to request the specific tracks you’re using and I’ll send you Dropbox links. This keeps the temp track collection file sizes lightweight, and encourages people to redistribute to friends as mp3, should they choose to do so.

Thank you all for your feedback, support, and curiosity. It’s taken me years to write and produce all of this and it wouldn’t be a thing without all the big and small projects we worked on together, so much thoughtful cue-specific feedback, late-night conversations in the editing room / parking lot / taco shop, and your encouragement and interest.

P.S. If you can think of a rad, scrappy person in your creative life who is making interesting work and could benefit from access to affordable, thoughtfully made, immediately sync-able music, feel 100% free to share this unlisted page with them.

April 16, 2018.

P.S. As requested by music supe friends, you can now stream all of these albums on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play (coming soon: Tidal). Just search for my name or the band name (Dave Merson Hess, The Blessed Cassettes, The Strangelet Disasters). Happy playlisting! If you have any other feature ideas, I am all ears! As before, you can also preview them by choosing “Temp Tracks”, which will send you links to free mp3 downloads on Dropbox.


ORPHANS: Music from Short Films, 2009-2018 (2018)

WE’RE NOT BLOOD Original Soundtrack (2015)

MØKKAKAFFE  Original Soundtrack (2013)

PRESENCE Original Soundtrack (2009)



THE STRANGELET DISASTERS: Morbid Fascination EP (minus the cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Who Loves The Sun”. Our license only lets us release a cover version; we can’t relicense it to you for sync, unless you get further permissions from the publisher / estate of Lou Reed.)