rer08 | V/A - "Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to The Swirlies"

rer08 | V/A – “Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to The Swirlies”

Mi Abuela Es Jazzista, Reverse Engine and Soundz From Nowhere bring you an epic, double-disc tribute to lo-fi/experimental pop greats the Swirlies.
V/A - "Artsongs"

V/A – “Artsongs”

A collection of songs inspired by artists and works of art including contributions from Sonny Smith (Sonny & The Sunsets), Bart Davenport, midori hirano, Makunouchi Bento and Sean Hayes.
rer07 | Docks - "Ship" EP

rer07 | Docks – “Ship” EP

Seven tracks of emotive ambient electronic/post rock with skittering beats and occasional strings, all fed through massive amounts of delay and reverb.
rer06 | Ten Digit Army - "Begin Today" EP

rer06 | Ten Digit Army – “Begin Today” EP

Four catchy, soulful songs from a far-off basement, a distant beacon from the desert.
rer05 | The Starry Tides - "One Lit Window" EP

rer05 | The Starry Tides – “One Lit Window” EP

Seven tracks of home-recorded post-rock in miniature, originally put to tape 2000-2002.
rer01 - rer04 | Out of Print releases

rer01 – rer04 | Out of Print releases

A round-up of Reverse Engine's extremely limited edition CD-R releases (2001 to 2006).
RER: A Pre-History

RER: A Pre-History

I found a mysterious thumb drive containing a record of the pre-RER discographies of most of our earliest home recording projects, circa 1998-2000. I've added it here for posterity.