Animation Art

Your purchase of this original animation art and limited-run prints will help me take several DIY animated shorts-in-progress across the finish line. Please note, I will be on vacation and unable to process orders from December 19 to December 31. All orders received before December 19th have shipped.

Animation Cycles & Objects

These are animation cycles drawn and painted on paper or objects. Paper originals come in reclaimed frames. If the animation isn’t shown in the thumbnail, click through to the product page to view it.

Warlock (2017)

Hand-numbered prints of concept art and stills from a hand-drawn music video about a mysterious flood, created for Adam Ostrar and Super Secret Records.

White Raven (2015)

Original animation art and concept art from the animated sequences I made for Bootown’s shadow puppet production, “White Raven”.

French New Wave tribute projects (2015)

A series of four watercolor paintings of Jef Costello’s preferred vehicle, the Citroën DS, from an animated tribute to Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samouraï. Plus original animation art from an unproduced pilot set in an art house theater in New Orleans.

Greyhound Blues (2015)

Original animation art, including mixed media concept art and backgrounds, plus prints from my music video for the title track from Geronimo Getty’s 2015 album.

Down for Whatever (2014)

Original animation art and prints from the micro video travelogue serial and short-run flipbook/essay-book created in collaboration with writer/performer Billy Parker.

Artwork from Unreleased Projects

Concept art from an animated documentary featuring interviews with cat lords and ladies, and a darkly comic short about an elementary school-aged moped gang’s attempts to memorialize their recently deceased gym teacher.