DIY Animation 1

DIY Animation 1 is a crash course in low-budget animation production beginning with Victorian optical toys and ending with walk cycles, Vine projects and pre-production planning for students’ first short films.

I created and first taught DIY Animation 1 at Beta Theater in Summer 2013. From the course catalogue:

In 6 weeks at Beta, you’ll jump into making your own animated films, as you learn a low-budget approach fueled by the lo-fi/DIY ethic. This introduction is perfect for the technophobic or those with limited drawing skills. Lectures and screenings will explore the history of animation art, with a heavy slant toward the underground and the independent.

In-class labs and take-home assignments will teach you a variety of production techniques (including hand-drawn transformations, cycles, direct animation, rotoscoping, and pixillation) and potential media (chalk & whiteboard, ink & paint, paper cut-outs, GIFs, Vine) you can use to create your own original projects.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring Vine producers, crafters looking to try animation, or comedians interested in producing animated content based on their own writing. Students will receive one of Dave’s cigar box animation light boxes, scaled for working on index card-based projects. (Maximum 10 students)