A Lost Postcard

A Lost Postcard was a 30-episode micro video¬†serial that combined stop-motion, paint-on-glass and ink-on-paper animation with sketchbook pages, time-lapse, and watercolor rotoscoping. Post dates: January 9 to June 22, 2015. Some of the vines incorporated tests from projects I was working on at the time, including my music video for Geronimo Getty’s “Greyhound Blues.” I wrote and recorded 3 to 6-second long scores for all but one of the vines myself, using everything from found instruments recorded on location to musical gear¬†in my home studio. Samples below:

ALP no. 23

Ingredients: Stuff in the French Quarter (manhole cover, broken doorbells, berries, bricks, dirt, etc.), a folding chaplain’s pump organ at an open-air music store on Decatur Street.

ALP no. 20

Ingredients: concentrated watercolor, sheet of glass, markers, printed frames of a video of birds swarming outside of Torchy’s Tacos on 19th and Ashland in Houston, TX, Emu Drumulator, vibraphone samples, reverb.

ALP no. 17

Ingredients: leaves from a neighbor’s driveway, pawn shop Strat, volume pedal, EHX Holy Stain.

ALP no. 2

Ingredients: time-lapse shot from the window of a 747, sketchbook page, collage of images from old magazines, sequential photos of an American Dipper from a vintage encyclopedia entry, drums, guitar feedback.

ALP no. 30

Ingredients: Ink, watercolor on and paper and glass, monoprints of time-lapse photographs, Casio SK1, reverb pedal.

ALP no. 14

Ingredients: watercolor on glass, cutouts from a vintage Mexican boxing magazine, tree bark, analog string machine, reverb pedal.