Down For Whatever

After a brief Twitter interaction sparked the idea, Billy Parker and I spent Summer 2014 collaborating on a micro video serial and resulting BOOKMACHINE-published short-run flipbook/essay book that unfolded across multiple public and private social media accounts.


“Down For Whatever” combined Billy’s text messages, voicemails and essays with my illustrations and animations and followed him as he took an extensive train trip across the United States, starting in New Orleans. There were 12 IG videos, along with some vines, GIFs, still illustrations, voicemails, iPhone screen caps and short essays posted on Tumblr. All of the minisodes began with a text message or voicemail as a starting point; the idea was to document the trip as a series of brief impressions, rather than one continuous narrative. The project culminated with the release of a slightly longer animated micro doc (“The Pacific Parlour”, clocking in at 30 seconds) and the production of a limited edition flipbook & essay anthology.

The Flipbook/Essay Book

The “Down For Whatever” flipbook/essay-book was designed and published at Texas Contemporary via onestar’s BOOK MACHINE (Houston) and designer Estefania Gonzalez. onestar printed the book as a limited edition of two. Billy has one copy, and the other went on display as part of the BOOK MACHINE (Houston) show at Blaffer Art Museum, and then became part of the reference collection at the University of Houston’s William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library.

“The Pacific Parlour”

Created with a late-night voicemail from Billy as a starting point, “The Pacific Parlour” was animated completely by hand using paper cut-outs and watercolor on glass, and shot and edited entirely on an iPhone.


Best Short: REC Room Mobile Film Festival 2016
Bideodromo International 2015
Toronto Smartphone Film Festival 2015
Golden Reel International Underground 2015
Pocket Film Fest 2015
iPhone Film Festival 2015