Notes on NUTS!

Design and theme development for an experimental WordPress- and list.js-powered site where audiences can interact with director Penny Lane’s complete footnotes for her award-winning documentary, NUTS! In addition to the overall site, I also designed the “truth value” color bars, with feedback from the director. As seen in Filmmaker Magazine and No Film School.

Tech Specs

Fully responsive, UX-focused WordPress site, designed mobile-first, with custom post types, hand-coded custom archives, live search, CSS transitions and jQuery-powered arrow-key navigation.


Sorts Mill Goudy (Barry Schwartz’s lovely FOSS take on Goudy Old Style) meant to evoke printed books, denote academic nature of the Notes project. Table layouts influenced by the simple beauty of LaTeX tables. Color bars inspired by Pantone samples and the writings of master information designer Edward Tufte.




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“Bridging the Credibility Gap – Drawing the Line on Manipulation in Documentary”, Documentary Magazine
“Penny Lane Introduces ‘Notes on NUTS!’”, Tribeca Film Institute
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