An aimless dog is caught in the current of a multi-generational soda habit.


Randall’s Mom, Randall: Carlos Barrón
Lemmy: Peter Lucas


Directed in collaboration with Carlos Barrón and Justin Taber.
Written by Carlos Barrón, Dave Merson Hess and Justin Taber
Animation & Character Design: Dave Merson Hess
Art Department: Justin Taber, Carlos Barrón, Flora Larrabee, Charlie Larrabee.
Sound Design: Dave Merson Hess and Justin Taber
Music: “Flight Levels” by Gunctrl

Conceived and Animated at Night Heron, Houston, TX
Post-produced in Little Armenia, Los Angeles, CA.

Thank You: Janine Waranowicz, Dominic Ciccodicola, Billy Parker, Peter Lucas, Peter Steineck, and “Stilton”.


Hellavision Television 3 at Trylon Cinema, Minneapolis, March 2018
In the Backyard at Poodlefloss World Headquarters, Houston, June 2018
Echo Park Film Center Open Screen, Los Angeles, August 2018