An aimless dog is caught in the current of a multi-generational soda habit.


Randall’s Mom, Randall: Carlos Barrón
Lemmy: Peter Lucas


Directed in collaboration with Carlos Barrón and Justin Taber.
Written by Carlos Barrón, Dave Merson Hess and Justin Taber
Animation & Character Design: Dave Merson Hess
Art Department: Justin Taber, Carlos Barrón, Flora Larrabee, Charlie Larrabee.
Sound Design: Dave Merson Hess and Justin Taber
Music: “Flight Levels” by Gunctrl

Conceived and Animated at Night Heron, Houston, TX
Post-produced in Little Armenia, Los Angeles, CA.

Thank You: Janine Waranowicz, Dominic Ciccodicola, Billy Parker, Peter Lucas, Peter Steineck, and “Stilton”.


Cutout Fest, November 2018
Cucalorus, November 2018
Echo Park Film Center Open Screen, Los Angeles, August 2018
In the Backyard at Poodlefloss World Headquarters, Houston, June 2018
Hellavision Television 3 at Trylon Cinema, Minneapolis, March 2018