L.A.-based animation filmmaker and visual development artist. Current MFA candidate in Experimental Animation at CalArts.

Dave believes strongly in music videos as an important space for visual experimentation.

He's excited about working in ink on paper (in combination with TV Paint).

Dave's visual style includes heavy use of straight-ahead, and extremely pushed poses, in depicting character performances.
His current major project is a satirical, post-apocalyptic sci-fi short called "Zone 17".

Available for:
• 2D animation
• Visual development
• High-effort potluck contributions
Hot Topic
in-house animator/motion graphic artist (2021- )

Velvet Two Stripes:
"This House Is Build On Sand"

music video director (2021)

NETFLIX Animation
animator on Storybots (2021)

Los Mundos: "Frutos Rojos"
music video director (2020)

animator for quarterly company films (2019-2020)

Howler Bros
animator / bumper director (2018; 2020)

Steve Madden
animated social content creator (2018)

TIFF x Instagram

two-time finalist (2016, 2017)

Dead Oceans/Secretly Group
music video director (2015, 2018)

Night Heron
animator/art director (2015-2018)

Aurora Picture Show
animation educator (2014-2018)
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