Made entirely by hand and animated without digital effects, the music video for "Greyhound Blues" explores themes of traveling and childhood while drawing from the visual mythology of 1950s roadside America. Techniques include pen-and-ink and watercolor, paint-on-glass direct animation, abstract experimental animation, and stop-motion featuring hundreds of cut-outs from vintage magazines, encyclopedias, and repair manuals.
Animation: Dave Merson Hess
Music: Geronimo Getty
Producers: Aris Blevins & Dominic Ciccodicola
Lead Production Artist: Rachel Borengasser
Art Department: Janine Waranowicz, Kaylan Tannahill (Cactus Photography), Lara Maksymonko (Cut-Outs), Ash Kramer (Highway Background)
Animation Block Party 2015
Cutout Fest 2015
Cucalorus Film Festival 2015
Animasyros 2015
Anibar Animation Festival 2015
Altered Aesthetics 2015
Y’allywood 2015
AVANCA Trailer in Motion 2015
I.N.S.A.N.E. Animation Festival 2015
Rock ‘n’ Roll Film Fest, Kenya 2015
Southeastern International 2015
Tuzla Future Generation Shorts 2015
Locomoción Festival of Experimental Animation 2016
ZOOM Zblizenia 2016
Cinema on the Bayou 2016
Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte 2016
Lublin Film Festival 2017
“Greyhound Blues” Record/Video Release Show (film synced to live music performance), Downtown Independent 2015

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