Spellbook Airbrush Texture Brush Set For Photoshop
30 Brushes & Stamps for Shading & Coloring
Add some filth and analog character to your digital airbrush works, with a brush set based on scans of real airbrush, featuring a variety of grain sizes and baked-in textural effects.

I made these Photoshop brushes for my own use as a visdev artist for animation, and have refined them as I've worked with them on real world projects.
Paint used: Golden High Flow Acrylics
Airbrush used: Paasche Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush
Paper used: Strathmore 300 Bristol
Scanner used: Fujitsu fi-6670 Production Scanner
Spellbook Airbrush v2.0 Brush Guide
To mimic the effect of spraying through templates and frisket masks, use the lasso tool to draw a shape as a selection first, then switch to your brush of choice, and begin shading that selection from the edges inward. This technique was used to make all of the examples below:
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