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Orphans (Music from Short Films)




35 tracks, 65 minutes of original music! Culled from hundreds of cues I’ve written for short films, 2009 – 2018. Jangly and/or skronky guitars, creepy thrift-store organs, acoustic fingerpicking, vibraphone, electric piano, analog synths, overdriven drum machines, drones, viola, trumpet, pedal steel, xylophone, space echo, electric bass, spoons, and whatever else I could find. This is not conventional film music. My friend Gorden says: “it seems a bit Yo La Tengo.”

  1. Nikko in Cement
  2. Dreampop Chapel (feat. Bang Bang Shoot Shoot)
  3. Dead Bear Boulders
  4. Little Skeleton
  5. Hey Dead People! (“A Photographic Memory” Version)
  6. Several Umbrellas
  7. Drag Me Down
  8. Promised
  9. Windchimes
  10. Anachronistic Lipstick
  11. Tabernacle (feat. On Holiday)
  12. My Life With the Barefoot Kids
  13. Automatic Mail Forwarding
  14. Glam on the Gram (Level-End Music from “Daxterpieces”)
  15. Undulating Rainbow
  16. Slipstream Engine
  17. Bayou Bird Raga
  18. Brian Wilson’s Valium Adventure (Theme from “Itinerant Noodle”)
  19. Saliva
  20. Crosshatch
  21. Window Pains (feat. Pims) [Theme from “Kong’s Wild Life”]
  22. Buying a Can of Coke from a Pregnant Bartender
  23. Flash Floods, Fine Dining
  24. We Must Repeat Lest We Forget
  25. The Room Repeated
  26. Fairground Exit
  27. Hypnosis League
  28. Thrift Store Lamp (Instrumental)
  29. Endless Rumination
  30. What It’s Like 2b Ur GF (feat. Young Grandmas) [Instrumental]
  31. Sleepward Mumbling
  32. Late-Night Accident
  33. I Had a Strange Dream
  34. Swimming Pool
  35. Sunrise