Georgie discusses a bubble font he designed and released himself -- to no acclaim.
A zero-budget multiplane cutout short inspired by my teenage exploration of digital spaces during the height of the Geocities era. Shot on a living room floor in Glendale, CA. Made for Hellavision Television's "The Earth Episode", 2023.

Directed by Dave Merson Hess and Justin Taber
Dave: Script, Visual Development, Puppet Rigging, Animation, Compositing
Justin: Producing, Visual Development, Puppet Rigging, Sound Design
Voice of Georgie: Peter Steineck
Spanish translation & subtitles: mariano gg
Credits Music: The Strangelet Disasters
Special Thanks: Matt Lieberman
"Tight Pants Ultra Bold" was made for Hellavision Television's "The Earth Episode" -- an open call for submissions to an animated take on NASA's Golden Record. If a font designed for humans failed to find its audience on Earth, might it have a chance at redemption in the far reaches of space?
INGREDIENTS: One memory of designing a headline font with the capital letters A to Z and absolutely no punctuation, one stack of magazines, one box of scrapbooking supplies, one budget-priced laser printer, one craft knife, one pair of cuticle scissors, two bottles of rubber cement, a multiplane made from IKEA-sourced parts, twenty-four laser transparency sheets, and a book of 19th-century mining photos in the public domain.
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