“THE EARTH EPISODE” is the definitive (animated) document of the human species; our planetary home world, technologies, & ways of living. Burned onto a blank DVD-R and jettisoned into space."​​​​​​​
I was guest art director & organizer for Hellavision Televisions' "Earth" episode. I worked with Hellavision to develop the theme and open call language (which were inspired by NASA's Golden Record). Programmed the running order for the roughly 80 animated microshorts received. Directed and animated the cold open. Designed segment titles and closing credits, and cut the trailer.
An alien finds a DVD in deep space, in my cold open for Hellavision's "EARTH" episode (2023). This was my experiment in using multiplane to try to recapture that practical effects-laden "lofi scifi" feel of certain BBC productions of the 1980s.
Written, Designed, Directed and Animated by Dave Merson Hess
Voice of Dr. Rhombus J. Pichaelberry: Ned Gayle

Watch the full episode here.
Additionally, I co-directed one of the episode segments (made using the same multiplane cutout style as the cold open), "TIGHT PANTS ULTRA BOLD".
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